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The Cynddylan's Mirror

...you can see things that are, things that were and things that are going to be

I'm gonna rule the world
17 May 1982
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I'm a Spanish, journalist, what you can call a freakie (in Spain Friki), obssesive, mad, fangirl, possessive, sarcastic, crazy, geek, friendly, slash lover (slash rulz my life!!), sometimes stupid, TVshows!junkie, ironic, lazy, stubborn, brittish lover, alcoholic...
English is just not my language so if I made a lot of mistakes...forgive me!!

Eric's Hair Web PYROgraphy, a shrine to Roy Mustang

Slytherin is cunning love
by verdimillious

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Field!Greg is a dirty dirty boy love
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Brian and Justin - Ridiculously Romantic
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The Original Trilogy is Love by justaredherring

Ewan McGregor is Scottish Sex Love

All credit for the Cats Mood Theme goes to myrasis
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